Book your Rudrabahishek at the
Nageshwar temple on Mahashivratri

at Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar temple, located between Dwarka & Beyt Dwarka is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of Shiva. It is a powerful Jyotirling that protects all Shiva Devotees.

The origin of this Jyotirlinga dates back to the Shiva Purana where a demon Daruka had imprisoned Supriya a staunch devotee of Shiva. Daruka was granted an immortality boon by Shiva’s wife Parvati. When Daruka tried to kill Supriya, Shiva appeared in the form of ling and offered protection. Since then, Nageshwar Jyotirling offers protection to all Shiva Devotees from all forms of illness.

Rudrabhishek at Nageshwar

Rudrabhishek is a special that is performed to the recital of several shloks and mantras. This is done with Panchamrut a mixture of Curd, Honey, Ghee, Sugar & Milk. 

This is performed when Shiva is in his Rudra Avatar. The abhishek involves washing the Shiva Linga with water continuously pouring over the lingam.

Rudrabhishek on Mahashivratri

This March 1 the day of Mahashivratri, perform Rudrabhishek at Nageshwar with milk and flowers. This is the day when Shiv married Parvati and the devotees all over the world perform pujas, bhajans and Abhisheks.

Our Pujari will perform live Sankalp with the devotee over the phone.
The Temple pujaris will perform the Rudrabahishek at the Nageshwar temple.

Our Pujari will perform the Purna-ahuti Sankalp.

Our Vendor will share the Manokamna Poorti Box to your address with the prasad and Rudrabhishek bhasm, bilwa-patra and other items.  

Benefits of Rudrabhishek on Mahashivratri

Rudrabhishek is a very powerful puja. Devotees perform this puja to seek Shiva’s blessings
and good health besides his protection, love & care.

"Aapki Manokamna Poori Ho"