Ramesh Lalwani, retired Aviation professoinal

It was a very pleasant experience just receiving the blessings at home. I am totally overjoyed with the entire experience. Huge blessings to the entire team.

Nimesh Joshi, Editor

Simply to receive blessings and prasad at home during these times is exciting enough. My family was thrilled that this could be possible.

Shivendra Shrivastava, CEO, Univation

Just receiving a beautiful box of prasad from the Ram Mandir was exciting enough, my mother actually ended up sharing the same experience with all the other relatives.

Dr Darshan Trivedi, Filmmaker

What an idea. Just to help revive the temples and provide the devotees with such an experience at home, is just a magnificent effort. A sincere god bless to the team.

Maulikk Buch, Digital Professional

I was going through some challenge in life. I put forward my Manokamna and received maa Amba’s blessings in the form of a prasad box. Not only did the problem vanish, I actually started feeling positive and excited.

Manan Antani, Sales Professional

I was not sure whether I would really get the original prasad. But when I opened the box of prasad, it was just too beautiful and exciting. It was a blessed feeling. Not only did I get the honest prasad, the entire experience was magical.

Harini Maru, Homemaker

Manokamna does come true. It is a huge positive feeling when you seek something from god and it comes true. My friend has faith in Shrinathji and when she received the blessings sitting at home, she was overjoyed. I too felt the same.

Ashwin Kanjani, Education Professional

The Digital age is here. What an experience my parents had when they received the Bohra Ganesh prasad and blessings sitting at home. They were quite upset they couldn’t go to the temple, but now they are truly happy. What more can I want.